At Càrnia we have more than 20.000 sqm facilities including over 13.500 sqm of productive space and 8.000 sqm of spaces for coolers and freezers.

We’re a company strongly committed to our environment and take all measures we can for a positive environmental footprint. One example is the materials we use for cooling, which are totally waste free (gycol and ammonia). Our internal heating reuses the heat generated by our machinery and conveys it through water. We even have our own solar energy plant producing over 100 kw for self-consumption.

To deliver an appropriate impact in our area we even created our own waste treatment plant including a selective waste collection solution.

All these developments allow us to put together meat production lines meant for fresh and frozen meats, sliced, pieces, carcasses and processed meat products. We use all these solutions to serve all our markets: from the best restaurants in Barcelona, to the international export markets or most of modern retailers anywhere in Spain.