Our company works in livestock farming and the processing, sale and distribution of lamb, beef and other kinds of meat. Our meat is of the highest quality meat and we adhere strictly to animal welfare and environmental standards and good livestock farming practices.

Mission and values

How we work

We follow the highest standards in processing and storing our meat, drawing on decades of experience while still adapting to our customers’ changing needs.

Healthy products and a healthy environment

We are committed to providing people with healthy, environmentally friendly products and are particularly involved in initiatives to reduce food waste.

The team

Everyone who works at Càrnia plays a vital role in our company. We guarantee good working conditions and opportunities for career growth and promotion.

Installations /

Una nueva infraestructura para un gran servicio

Durante este año 2020, Càrnia se prepara para poner en marcha su mayor infraestructura productiva. Sobre una parcela de 21.000 metros cuadrados, estamos poniendo en marcha la….

Fairs and events /

Càrnia en Alimentaria 2020

Con una gama de casi 2.000 productos, con pleno dominio de la cadena de valor y el mejor servicio a restauradores, distribuidores y clientes internacionales, estaremos más que….